2. About infection prevention

About infection prevention

  • About coronavirus prevention measures of this facility

     At this facility, following the guidelines for infection prevention,
     To customers

       ·Alcohol disinfection on admission

       ·Non-contact temperature measurement

       ·Wearing a mask at the facility

     I would like to ask.

    If you have a fever of 37.5°C or above
    We may ask you to contact the consultation center or refuse to use it.

    Alcohol disinfection is installed in each room and common areas.
    Ventilate the inside of the facility and guest rooms as appropriate to provide guest rooms, restaurants, bathrooms, toilets,
    We also disinfect door knobs and elevator switches.
    The front desk and shop are made of transparent sheets and have partitions.

    About the facility
    Club lounges, karaoke facilities, game consoles, etc. are closed.
    Use of elevators only in the same group,
    We ask that you disperse the accounting time and secure the distance between customers.

    Employees check the temperature and check the physical condition when they go to work.
    According to the guidelines, if the temperature is above 37.5 degrees and you are not feeling well
    We will implement measures to suspend attendance.
    In addition, we thoroughly disinfect alcohol and wear a mask.

    We hope you enjoy your trip.
    We apologize for any inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding.